Superintendent's Message

We are excited to report that our march toward becoming a District of Excellence for KIDS continues.  During the 2016 school year FCS was recognized as one of only five "Districts of Distinction" in Kentucky and ranked 15th out of 173 Kentucky School Districts.  We had six "Schools of Distinction", six additional "Distinguished Schools” and five "Proficient Schools". 

During 2016 we also had our

  • highest ever ACT scores at 18.6
  • highest ever attendance at 95.21%
  • highest ever College/Career Readiness rate with 100%
  • highest ever Graduation rate with 97.10%. 

Lastly, during 2016 we had our 39th student graduate with a High School Diploma and an Associates Degree at no expense to our students.  We have 42 students in our Early College Program for 2017.

While our TEAM of 1000+ are doing amazing things for KIDS we are committed to grow and are excited about 2017 as we work to provide a world class education for EVERY FLOYD COUNTY KID!  2017 will be our third year of our Digital Conversion and that means we’ll have about 3,000 student/staff devices. Since we started we’ve grown professionally, had positive results, and have become even more committed to changing the learning culture for Floyd County KIDS.  We want to get better so that we better meet the needs of our kids. Our growth is essential to reaching goals for our KIDS.

Goals are important in life and work and our district goals are listed below. To reach these goals we need your help. We encourage our parents and community members to visit our schools and spend time volunteering and supporting education. Become part of our team and join us in creating a district of excellence for KIDS. It’s an outstanding team doing outstanding things for KIDS on a daily basis.
Thank you so much for trusting us with your KIDS and let’s have a truly great year of learning!


Top 5 School District

CCR rate of 90%

Remain fiscally solvent/efficient

ACT 19.5


Attendance 96%

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