NGSS Water Filter Engineering

NGSS Water Filter Engineering
Posted on 11/20/2018
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At South Floyd Elementary, students in Karen Miles’ 7th grade classes have been focusing on engineering in the classroom. Students define the criteria and constraints of the engineering problem and work as a team to solve the problem. In a recent unit, How Environmental Factors Influence Organisms, students have been discussing the role pollution plays on organisms. Students designed a plan and built water filters with the goal of making the cleanest, quickest, and most cost efficient filters.


As the students approached Thanksgiving break, they participated in two mini engineering challenges: First, using limited materials, students are building a water craft that can float 25 marbles. The second challenge was to save Fred. Fred, a gummy worm, has lost his life preserver on a boat that has capsized and the students have to get Fred’s life preserver on him. The challenge? Students could not use their hands; they could use paper clips and critical thinking as they find a creative way to get Fred’s life preserver on to bring him to safety.


Miles states, “Engaging students in critical thinking and problem solving opportunities brings life to the classroom and fosters 21st century thinking among our students.”

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