Middle School BSAL Standings

Middle School BSAL Standings
Posted on 12/17/2019
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Superintendent Danny Adkins announces the results for the middle school division of the Big Sandy Academic League (BSAL). The BSAL consists of the following schools: Adams Middle (AMS), Allen Elementary (AES), Betsy Layne Elementary (BLES), Duff-Allen Central Elementary (DACE), John M Stumbo Elementary (JMS), South Floyd Elementary (SFES), June Buchanan School (JBS) and Paintsville Independent (PI).


Adkins comments, “Congratulations DACE on your first place overall and congratulations AES on your  first place in the in the Quick Recall tournament! Congratulations to these young men and women for working hard and placing in their individual content areas and congratulations to these coaches for growing your academic team members to become even more competitive! We’re proud of these students and their accomplishments.”


Adkins closes saying, “We hope to see you supporting our academic teams. We have a high school Quick Recall tournament tomorrow at FCHS and the elementary students will compete on January 11 at SFE before we kick off the beginning of the Governor’s Cup competitions.


Quick Recall Tournament:  1st AES            2nd SFES            3rd DACE         4th AMS





Social Studies

1st Gracie McDavid DACE

1st Mason Buck DACE

1st Jada Reynolds AES

2nd Kaden Lewis AMS

2nd Ally Hamilton AMS

2nd Nicholas Hazelett PI

3rd Morgan Newsome JMS

3rd Braxton Howard DACE

3rd (T) Taylor Marshall JBS

4th Emily Spears SFES

4th Brett Gibson PI

3rd (T) Braxton Howard DACE

5th Kevin Howard BLES

5th Sofia Sher JBS

5th (T) Gracie McDavid DACE



5th (T) Brice Fleenor BL




Language Arts

Arts & Humanities

English Composition

1st Allie Hamilton BL

1st Brock Horne DACE

1st Kylie Walters DACE

2nd Jada Reynolds AES

2nd (T) Sara Springer AMS

2nd Paisley Akers AMS

3rd Grace Blackburn PI

2nd (T) Isabel Greene JBS

3rd Taylor Stumbo SFES

4th Sara Springer AMS

4th Todd Prater DACE

4th Allison Newsome JMS

5th (T) Kaylee Johnson SFES

5th (T) Kaylee Johnson SFES

5th Whitley Hall DACE

5th (T) Adleigh Marshall JBS

5th (T) Elizabeth Goodman AES



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