Head Start Classrooms Celebrated

Head Start Classrooms Celebrated
Posted on 05/15/2019
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Superintendent Danny Adkins talks about the Early Childhood Program in Floyd County Schools.


Adkins comments, “We are so proud of our Early Childhood Program. Our students are being well prepared to be Kindergarten ready by our outstanding classroom teams.” Adkins continues discussing the review of the 63 classrooms in the region saying, “The Big Sandy Area Community Action Program (BSACAP) Grantee Head Start Office conducts an annual record review of all Head Start classrooms in the region where they pull and review folders randomly. The goal is to meet the needs of children and their families so that the children will be ready to engage in school and be successful. These can be the children’s health and educational needs as well as the families’ needs. A lot of hard work, time, and dedication have gone into this team effort for this recognition from the regional office to occur.”


Classroom teams consist of the teacher, the assistant, the Family Advocate, the Education Consultant, and the Special Education Consultant. The regional office recognizes the top 22 of the 63 classrooms in Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin, Martin and Pike counties.


Adkins concludes, “Our Floyd County team is proud of these women and we appreciate the job they do for students.”


Two Floyd County classrooms tied at the top spot. Duff-Allen Central Elementary’s team is made up of Misty Howell, Stacy Paige, Rhonda Newman, Kim Grubb, Teresa Newsome and LeAnn Manns. This is Rhonda Newman’s third and Stacy Paige’s second consecutive year of being recognized. From Allen Elementary, Jessica Kiser, Kellie Yates, Jennifer Woods, Kim Grubb, Teresa Newsome and Andrea Bailey make up the other first place team. The regional office has recognized Jennifer Woods for six consecutive years and Jessica Kiser for five.


Similarly, two Floyd County classrooms tied for the second spot in the top 22. The Allen Elementary team members are Mary Bentley, Jessica Partin, Jennifer Woods, Kim Grubb, Teresa Newsome and Megan Duchnowski. May Valley Elementary’ s team members are Ashley Fite, Shonna Hall, Rhonda Newman, Kim Grubb, Teresa Newsome and Delanna Watts. This is Ashley Fite’s third and Shonna Hall’s second consecutive year being recognized by the regional office.


Additionally, two Floyd County Schools’ classrooms tied for the third spot. Rhonda Begley, Beth Martin, Rhonda Newman, Kim Grubb and Teresa Newsome make up this May Valley Elementary team. This is the third year in a row for Rhonda Begley and Beth Martin to be in the top 22. From John M Stumbo Elementary, the team members who tied for the third spot are Debra Tackett, Amanda Sturgill, Jill Johnson, Kim Grubb, Candy Hall, Samantha Tackett and Teresa Newsome.


Lastly, the South Floyd Elementary team of Tammy Gearheart, Misty Daniels, Beverly Bush, Kim Grubb and Teresa Newsome ranked sixth of 63 classrooms. Eighth place goes to a team from Prestonsburg Elementary made up of Brittany Maynard, Amanda Calhoun, Teresa Campbell, Kim Grubb, Melanie Allen & Teresa Newsome. Teresa Newsome has been recognized for three consecutive years.




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