Dr. Varia Receives Dr. Samuel Robinson Award

Dr. Varia Receives Dr. Samuel Robinson Award
Posted on 06/05/2019
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Superintendent Danny Adkins announces the Kentucky Board of Education presented the Dr. Samuel Robinson Award to Dr. Chandra Varia today at its June 5 meeting in Frankfort.

Superintendent Adkins comments, “Dr. Chandra Varia’s service to children, her passion for providing opportunities for children, especially those in poverty, and her undying commitment to education are just a few reasons she is receiving this award.” Adkins continues, “She’s served as a board member since 2001, donating much of her time and millions of dollars in order to change lives. She’s funded scholarships for single parents, established no interest student loans to help battered women and a scholarship fund for the more than 3,000 babies she’s delivered during her career here in Floyd County, and more.”

Adkins talks about Dr. Chandra’s involvement with the school system saying, “Dr. Varia supports our early childhood programs, attending workshops and encouraging parents to see themselves as their child’s first teacher. She fully supports and believes in our summer Literacy and Learning programs at local housing developments where families learn with their kids. She believes it is vital that our kids can always depend on those two meals just as she fully supports the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) where all students receive breakfast and lunch at no cost to the students. Dr. Varia always advocates for those who may not have a strong voice.”

Since 2004, the KY Board of Education gives the Dr. Samuel Robinson Award to an individual or group in Kentucky for outstanding leadership, commitment and service in promoting equity and opportunity to learn at high levels for all students. The award’s namesake, Samuel Robinson, is a former educator who served on the KY Board of Education for over a decade. Advocating equity and promoting that education can change students’ lives are part of Dr. Robinson’s legacy.

To encourage wonder, Adkins says, “In the past few years, Dr. Varia has donated money to schools for athletics, academics, technology and more. She donated to the East KY Science Center with the stipulation that every child in Floyd County receive free admission once a year. She wanted to make it easier for schools to take field trips to this amazing facility, and she’s visited the Center with the students several times.”

Adkins concludes saying, “Dr. Varia cares and does something about children’s education, nourishment, clothing, family and home life in addition to trying to help provide new and wonderful opportunities for kids. She does everything possible to close the achievement gap for children. Dr. Varia embodies Dr. Robinson’s advocacy for all children and her passion for serving and helping kids become educated and become leaders is why she should be commended. Our Floyd County team is delighted to see her receive this award.”

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