District Leads State in Kindergarten Readiness

District Leads State in Kindergarten Readiness
Posted on 01/14/2019
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Superintendent Danny Adkins announces the district results of the state screener given to all children upon entering Kindergarten, the BRIGANCE Screen III.


Adkins comments, “We’re excited to share that more students exit our early childhood programs ready for Kindergarten than the state average. The average in Kentucky for all students being ready for Kindergarten is 51% and 64.2% for Floyd County. That’s great but it gets better. In Kentucky, 47.8% of the students exiting Head Start programs are ready for Kindergarten and in Floyd County Schools, that number is 90.9%, the highest in the state. Students exiting Kentucky’s state funded preschool programs are 50.8% ready while in our district, that number is 86.2%.”


Adkins continued, “Our Early Childhood Department is second to none. Director Anna Shepherd, our education specialist, family advocates, teachers and instructional assistants have been working diligently together for years and have seen improvements every year in the number of students being ready for Kindergarten. They fine tune their instructional strategies from year to year, reflect on how to improve their classrooms for students and as you can see, they are getting results.”


Commenting on Floyd County having a higher rate of kids ready for Kindergarten coming from childcare facilities and from home, Adkins comments, “While these children were not yet in our schools, we believe that our work with Bornlearning Academies and Tiny Academies have helped these numbers. In these sessions held at our elementary schools, we have teams working with parents on how to teach their children using everyday situations and we regularly invite childcare workers to attend our trainings for our Early Childhood department because we want kids to be ready for Kindergarten so they can take off from day one.”


For children exiting childcare facilities, Floyd County had 88.2% ready and the state average was 70.3%. Children who had been at home prior to Kindergarten were 65.6% in Floyd County as compared to the 36.7% state average.


Adkins ended saying, “We want to thank all our teachers and instructional assistants for their hard work and dedication in preparing these young students for Kindergarten. We also want to recognize those classrooms who had 90% or more of their students ready for Kindergarten.”


Betsy Layne Elementary: April Borowski and Brittany Tackett, 100% Ready

Betsy Layne Elementary: Carlene Johnson and Jessica Tackett, 100% Ready

John M Stumbo Elementary: Debra Tackett and Stephanie Slone, 100% Ready

Prestonsburg Elementary: Brittany Maynard and Amanda Calhoun, 100% Ready

South Floyd Elementary: Debbie Gibson and Amanda Burke, 100% Ready

South Floyd Elementary: Connie Hall and Anastacia Kiser, 100% Ready

South Floyd Elementary: Tammy Gearheart and Misty Daniels, 100 Ready

Duff-Allen Central Elementary: Misty Howell and Stacy Paige, 92% Ready

Prestonsburg Elementary: Barb Harris and Dedra Johnson, 92% Ready

South Floyd Elementary: Liz Isaac and Christina Flanery, 90% Ready



For more information on how to help your child be ready for Kindergarten, visit our Early Childhood webpage: http://floyd.kyschools.us/district_information/early_childhood


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