Adkins Selected for Standard Setting Panel

Adkins Selected for Standard Setting Panel
Posted on 08/16/2019
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Floyd County Schools announces that Superintendent Danny Adkins will represent Eastern Kentucky and serve on the standard setting panel for the state’s 5-star accountability system.


The panel will discuss performance level descriptions (PLDs) for each indicator and a school overall score that combines the indicators. These PLDs will describe information about the expectations for each star rating and each indicator in order to give more information, like the ones used for Novice, Apprentice, Proficient and Distinguished.


Adkins comments, “The process sounds more complicated than it is. Indicators are like rooms in a house and PLDs are the descriptions that make a kitchen a kitchen and not another type of room, like having a stove, refrigerator and sink for example. All these indicators, or rooms, make up the 5-star rating, or the actual house.”


Adkins continues, “We will be deciding the boundary between one level and the next using data from schools. Test data will make up Proficiency and that is student performance on the reading and math tests. Another indicator is Separate Academic and this is how students perform on science, social studies and writing assessments. Elementary and middle schools are measured on how much students grew toward proficiency (Growth). High schools will be accountable for Graduation, the percentage of students who graduate within a specified period, and Transition Readiness, an indicator about whether students are ready for the next step.”


In discussing the 5-star accountability system, Adkins says, “We can do what is best for students if we all just focus on these facts. We want our students to read well and do math with ease and we want them to know about science, socials studies and writing. We want them to grow in what they know every year, to be on track and graduate when they should and be ready for the next step in their lives whether it is college or career.”


Adkins concludes saying, “I’m honored to be chosen to serve on this panel and I plan to do what will help our students have opportunities and happy lives, because that’s what is most important.”

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