Early Childhood

Ellie Harper Slone

April 22, 2019 Early Learning: A KET Forum

  2018 Early Childhood Brochure.pdf

Floyd County STORK

Department Contacts:

Anna W. Shepherd, Director

Business: 606-886-4555

Email: anna.shepherd@floyd.kyschools.us

Address: 106 North Front Ave. Prestonsburg, KY 41653

Bethany Bingham
, Special Education Consultant serving all schools

Business:  606-886-2354 ext. 5404


Teresa Campbell, Family Advocate serving Prestonsburg Elementary School

Business:  606-886-2354 ext. 5407

E-mail:  Teresa.campbell@floyd.kyschools.us

Kim Grubb, Education Consultant serving all elementary schools
 Business: 606-886-4526
Email:  kim.grubb@floyd.kyschools.us 

Jill Johnson, Family Advocate serving Betsy Layne and Stumbo Elementary 
Business: 606-886-2354 ext. 5408
Email:  jill.johnson@floyd.kyschools.us  

Rhonda Newman, Family Advocate serving May Valley and Duff Allen Central Elementary Schools
Business: 606-886-2354 ext. 5405
Email:  Rhonda.newman@floyd.kyschools.us   

Teresa Newsome, Special Education Consultant serving all schools
Business:  606-886-2354 ext. 5404
Email:  Teresa.newsome@floyd.kyschools.us  

Beverly Bush, Family Advocate serving South Floyd Elementary
Business:  606-886-2354 ext. 5406
Email:  Beverly.bush@floyd.kyschools.us  

Jennifer Woods, Family Advocate serving Allen Elementary 
Business:  606-886-4514
Email:  Jennifer.woods@floyd.kyschools.us   

Sarah Johnson, Secretary
Business 606-886-4549
Email: sarah.johnson@floyd.kyschools.us

                             School and Classroom Contacts:

Allen Elementary Head Start/Preschool Teachers (606-874-2165)
Mary Hughes Bentley-mary.hughes@floyd.kyschools.us  
Jessica Kiser -Jessica.kiser@floyd.kyschools.us 

 Betsy Layne Elementary Head Start/Preschool Teachers (606-478-9751)
April Borowski- april.borowski@floyd.kyschools.us  
Carlene Johnson-carlene.johnson@floyd.kyschools.us 

Duff Allen Central Elementary Head Start Teachers (606-358-9420)
Stacy Paige- stacy.paige@floyd.kyschools.us  


May Valley Elementary Head Start/Preschool Teachers (606-285-0883)
Ashley Fite- Ashley.fite2@floyd.kyschools.us  
Rhonda Begley- rhonda.begley@floyd.kyschools.us 

South Floyd Elementary Head Start/Preschool Teachers (606-452-9600)
Rikki Gibson - rikki.gibson@floyd.kyschools.us  
Tammy Gearheart-tammy.gearheart@floyd.kyschools.us

Connie Hall- connie.hall2@floyd.kyschools.us  
Liz Isaac -liz.isaac@floyd.kyschools.us 

Prestonsburg Elementary Head Start/Preschool Teachers (606-886-3891)
Barbara Harris - Barbara.harris@floyd.kyschools.us
Brittany Maynard- Brittany.maynard@floyd.kyschools.us  
Ashtin Bolden -Ashtin.bolden@floyd.kyschools.us 

Stumbo Elementary Head Start/Preschool Teachers (606-587-2212)
Debra Tackett- debra.tackett@floyd.kyschools.us  
Stephanie Slone- Stephanie.slone@floyd.kyschools.us 



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