Board Of Education

Floyd County Board of Education

Board Members

William "Jr" Newsome
District 3


Linda Gearheart
District 1


Rhonda Meade
District  4


Sherry Robinson
Board Chair
District  5


Chandra Varia
Vice Chair
District 2



Superintendent Danny Adkins ​

Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes Click Here

Archived Board Meeting Agenda

Archived Board Minutes

What are the board's responsibilities?
The overall responsibility is to oversee the development, operation, and improvement of the Floyd County School System to include:
  • Approving high-quality instructional programs
  • Reviewing student progress
  • Reviewing the educational program
  • Appointing the superintendent
  • Approving the FCS annual operating budget
  • Approving purchases and contracts
  • Accepting contracts for new construction, renovations, and building additions
  • Ensuring practices and policies are in agreement with the Kentucky Revised Statutes
  • Establishing tax rates
  • Performing all duties prescribed by the Kentucky Revised Statutes
Board members may not act independently on official matters. They may act only as a group on board-related decisions.
What are the board's goals?
    • 5 Star Schools/TBD
    • Transition Ready of 80%
    • Remain fiscally solvent/efficient
    • ACT 19.5
    • State Accountability: TBA
    • Attendance 95.5%
When and where does the board meet?
Regular Meetings are usually scheduled on the Fourth Mondays and will begin at 6:30 P.M. CLICK HERE to view the Board Meeting Calendar.
Who is My board Member?
To view the board member for your district/school Board Member. 
What are the board's policies?
To view the board policies click here.

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