JWAC Elementary Results

JWAC Elementary Results
Posted on 04/18/2017
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Superintendent Dr. Henry Webb announces the results of the elementary division of our Jenny Wiley Academic Conference.


Dr. Webb comments, “The board team and I want to congratulate May Valley Elementary and John M. Stumbo Elementary for their success this academic team season. We’re very proud of our students who excelled in our conference competitions this year. This year we divided our district into two sections as they do for the Governor’s Cup competition with the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition and that’s why you’ll see two champions in every category.”


May Valley and Joh M. Stumbo Elementary placed first in Quick Recall, Written Assessment and in the overall Final Standings. Ruthie Bays (MVE) and Maddy Newsome (JMS) led the Math category and Chloe Hall (OES and Lucas Wolford (JMS) led the Science.  In Social Studies, Jada Reynolds (MVE) and Devin Slone (MES) placed first and Jada also placed first in Language Arts with Allie Hamilton (BLES). Lydia Clark (MVE) and Todd Prater (Duff) led Arts & Humanities and Ruthie Bays (MVE) and Alexis Reed (MES) were the top two scorers in English Composition.


All results are listed below:


Final Standings: 1st MVE and JMS, 2nd OES and MES, 3rd PES and Duff, 4th AES and BLES

Quick Recall: 1st MVE and JMS, 2nd OES and Duff, 3rd PES and MES, 4th AES and BLES

Written Assessment: 1st MVE and JMS, 2nd OES and MES, 3rd PES and Duff, 4th AES and BLES


Math: 1st Ruthie Bays (MVES) and Maddy Newsome (JMS), 2nd Kendyll Hall (MVE) and Lucan Wolford (JMS), 3rd Taylor Allen (OES)  and Makayla Hall (Duff), 4th Anna Potter (MVE) and Lucas Harper (JMS), 5th Riley Jo Compton (OES) and Gracie McDavid (Duff)


Science: 1st Chloe Hall (OES) and Lucas Wolford (JMS), 2nd Garret Ousley (PES) and Cody Clark (Duff), 3rd Ally Hamilton (PES) and Shannon Slone (Duff), 4th Kaden Hunter (OES) and Abigail Watts (BLES), 5th Mason Buck (MVE) and Ethan Lance (MES)


 Social Studies: 1st Jada Reynolds (MVE and Devon Slone (MES), 2nd Chloe Hall (OES) and Madison Martin (Duff), 3rd Jacalyn Hancock (MVES) and 3rd Alexis Reed (MES), 4th Jacob Roberts (AES) and TIE Megan Nichols (BLES) and Jacob Martin (JMS), 5th Laci O’Quinn (MVE)


Language Arts: 1st Jada Reynolds (MVES) and Allie Hamilton (BLES), 2nd Lydia Clark (MVES) and Devon Slone (MES), 3rd Sara Springer (PES) and Victoria Tackett (BLES), 4th Ethan Walls (PES) and Taylor Stumbo (MES), 5th Ruthie Dillion (AES) and McKenna Stumbo (MES)


Arts & Humanities: 1st Lydia Clark (MVES) and Todd Prater (Duff), 2nd Brock Horne (MVES) and Amelia Burke (BLES), 3rd Elizabeth Goodman (MVES) and Allison Hamilton (JMS), 4th Leah Kate Burchett (PES) and Kylie Conway (BLES), 5th Deliah Rodriguez (AES) and Emery Bartrum (MES)


English Composition: 1st TIE Ruthie Bays (MVES), Anna Potter (MVE) and Alexis Reed (MES), 2nd Allison Newsome (JMS), 3rd Kendyll Hall (MVES) and Gracie McDavid (Duff), 4th TIE Madison Sullivan (OES), Carly Fannin (PES) and Taylor Stumbo (MES), 5th Maddy Newsome (JMS)

John M Stumbo Elementary Academic Team

    May Valley Elementary Academic Team

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