Regional Elementary Academics

Regional Elementary Academics
Posted on 03/06/2017
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“Congratulations May Valley Elementary on being regional champs once again and congratulations Osborne Elementary on 3rd overall and runner up in FPS and Quick Recall! We are exceptionally proud of our KIDS as they took twenty-three of the thirty possible individual positions!” Webb comments.


Webb concluded, “Our academic teams are becoming more competitive at all levels and we want to thank our KIDS and our coaches for raising expectations for our academic teams. This weekend will be the state competition for middle and high school academics and we wish the best for our KIDS at state!”


Region 34 Elementary




Final Overall

Future Problem Solving

Quick Recall

1st May Valley Elementary

1st May Valley Elementary

1st May Valley Elementary

3rd Osborne Elementary

2nd Osborne Elementary

3rd Osborne Elementary

4th Duff Elementary

4th Duff Elementary








1st Ruthie Bays(MVES)

1st Jada Reynolds (MVES)

1st Chloe Hall (OES)

3rd Kendyll Hall (MVES)

4th Madison Martin (Duff)

2nd Ally Hamilton (PES)

4th Carolyn “Gracie” McDavid (Duff)

5th Alexis Reed (MES)

3rd Mason Buck (MVES)

4th Lucas Wolford (JMS)


4th Cody Clark (Duff)







1st Lydia Clark (MVES)

1st Kendyll Hall (MVES)

2nd Elizabeth Goodman (MVES)

2nd Jada Reynolds (MVES)

2nd Anna Potter (MVES)

2nd Lydia Clark (MVES)

4th Allie Hamilton (BLES)

2nd Makenna Stumbo (MES)

4th Todd Prater (Duff)

5th Ethan Walls (PES)

5th Dylan Boyd (OES)

5th Brock Horne (MVES)


*Region 34 consists of the following schools: Allen Elementary,  Beaver Creek Elementary School,  Betsy Layne Elementary,  Carr Creek Elementary School,  Cordia Elementary School,  Emmalena Elementary School, Hindman Elementary School,  James A. Duff Elementary School,  John M. Stumbo Elementary,  June Buchanan Elementary School,  May Valley Elementary School, McDowell Elementary,  Prestonsburg Elementary School,  W.D. Osborne Elementary School


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